Dont hesitate to try erotic

How we went for an erotic massage I will tell you a story that describes how we went for an erotic massage and how we were satisfied or dissatisfied with it. You may be very surprised by the experiences we had with erotic massage. It was written one day in August. We were in a good mood. The sun was shining and it was summer, a wonderful time. And there was nothing nicer. But what my friend and I missed was excitement. We wondered what to do with it. We do not have partners. And then we came up with the ideal solution – that is, to go for an erotic massage.


My friend suggested it. We hesitated a lot, but in the end we thought we wouldn`t lose anything. We will lose a few crowns at most – otherwise nothing happens. So we went and looked forward to solving our problem and desire for excitement. We were curious how such an erotic massage works. Of course, we first booked a massage time, which was two hours later. We were as excited as the little boys. We came to the salon and the first thing that really caught our eye was the cleanliness of the salon. No dirt anywhere, a pleasant reception that advised us where to look for masseuses – this is how the staff should look in every facility.


We came to see masseuses. They greeted us and immediately smiled at us. I felt really cool about it and I was surprised that I didn`t want to try an erotic massage much earlier. The young lady`s voice tore me out of my contemplation that we would start a massage. So we lay down and the girls started willingly massaging us all over our bodies. I had a kind of charge of excitement running through my body that I really can`t describe. It was something incredible. I felt the excitement I needed for so long. I had about three orgasms between the massages she performed. Therefore, I recommend anyone who hesitates about erotic massage to try it. It`s a really amazing experience.

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